Saturday, January 5, 2008

Customizable Styles, Earn Adsense Revenue

Interactive photo gallery, user uploads, comments.

Your search to find the best photo gallery has led you to the most feature rich, best performing, and most widely used gallery available today. PhotoPost is the best way to offer your users the ability to upload, show off, share, discuss, and rate photos and videos on your site.
We originally created PhotoPost in 2001 for, our parent company's own tech discussion website with 2 Million forum posts and 200,000 users, and within weeks we decided to offer it for sale to any website by popular demand. Over the past 6 years, PhotoPost has undergone more than 100 "dot" updates by a team of expert developers to add features, tweak performance, and maximize stability. Always in high demand, PhotoPost has been purchased by a staggering 9,500 websites.

PhotoPost is most popular amongst vBulletin forum owners. That's because we designed PhotoPost from the beginning to integrate efficiently with a website's existing vBulletin forum, offering users one integrated login and registration instead of two, stylesheet integration, and other enhancements. But what PhotoPost does well for vBulletin owners, it does equally well for those that wish to integrate a gallery with many other forum types, or to simply add a photo gallery to their website with no forum at all.

Customizable Styles, Earn Adsense Revenue

It's easy to customize PhotoPost to fit with your site's existing look and feel. All colors are customizable, fonts are customizable, and of course you can change the header/footer/sidebars. It's easy to make money from your PhotoPost galleries by adding your Adsense code (Earn Adsense Revenue) into the header, footer, or sidebar, as well.